Everything You Need To Know About Retainers

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Retainers are appliances used to keep your teeth straight once your orthodontic appliances have been removed. Some retainers are cemented in place, but most are removable. The type of retainer you have been given has been chosen and designed specifically for you! Without retainers, your teeth will move back to the way they were before you received orthodontic treatment. We worked hard as a team to get your teeth straight. Let's work as a team to keep them that way!

What Can You Expect?

Wearing a retainer is easy, but it may take a few days to get used to. Just like braces or Invisalign, talking and swallowing may seem a little awkward at first but will improve after a few days. The more you wear your retainer, the sooner you will get used to it.

When Should You Wear Your Retainers?

Generally speaking, Dr. Sacks will instruct you to wear your retainer for one week, full-time, 24/7. Then you'll be wearing your retainer nightly forever. Dr. Sacks' motto is "Nighttime for a lifetime." Don't stop wearing your retainer without talking to Dr. Sacks.

Things To Remember About Your Retainers:

Please bring your retainers to all future "retainer check" appointments so they can be checked and adjusted as needed.

Retainers Do Nots:

  • Soak your retainer in liquid for prolonged periods of time. This can distort and ruin your retainer.
  • Leave your retainers in a hot car.
  • Boil your retainers in hot water.
  • Wrap them in napkins because they can easily get thrown away by mistake. We'll provide you with a case that will keep your retainers safe and garbage free!
  • Keep it near your pets. Dogs especially love retainers because they smell just like you.

How To Care For Your Retainers

Clean your retainer every day by brushing it with a soft-bristle toothbrush and water. If you have a cemented retainer, remember to brush and floss every day by using a floss threader.

Call Sacks Orthodontics Immediately If:

  • You lost your retainer
  • Your retainer broke
  • Your retainer does not fit properly
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