Dentagrafix® Graphics For Aligners & Retainters in Livingston, NJ

Dentagrafix Livingston, NJ

Make Your Appliance Unique

Sure, you could get the typical clear retainers, but why? That's so boring! Why not jazz it up a bit with something that speaks to your personality? That's why we offer Dentagrafix with our clear retainers. You can keep that gorgeous new smile and show off your own unique style!

Fun Designs That Fit YOUR Personality

Sports fan? Fun animals? Cool colors? Whatever your interest or favorites, we can help you find a design that's right for you. Dentagrafix will encourage you to wear your retainers, which means you'll keep that smile you've worked so hard to achieve.

At Sacks Orthodontics, we want you to have a beautiful smile you can show off proudly for years to come. That's why we offer Dentagrafix with clear retainers. We believe in doing more than just successfully creating a gorgeous smile. We believe in ensuring you sustain that success throughout your lifetime.

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Dentagrafix in Livingston, NJ

Dentagrafix® Questions? We Have Answers!

We offer Dentagrafix to help keep the patient experience fun. But more importantly, Dentagrafix appliances are more likely to be worn. Therefore, (something about participation). If the kid’s participating more in the process, they’re more likely to wear it — and help protect the parents’ investment. More significantly, much less likely to be lost. Often, it can be costly to replace. With a pop of color, Dentagrafix appliances stand out when not in the mouth. Help avoid retainer loss and expensive replacement fees.

Dr. Sacks does not charge more for Dentagrafix appliances. He believes in their value and includes this premium option as part of your treatment.

Not at all!  When Dentagrafix® are manufactured they consider this! You can rest assured knowing that Dentagrafix® uses a patented process to make sure the clear aligner will not fade, rub off, or smudge during use. 

Yes! We've fitted patients of all ages with Dentagrafix® and we're always happy to see adults and children alike enjoying the unique style Dentagrafix® has to offer. 

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Why We Use Dentagrafix®

We believe in providing quality products to our patients while making their treatment as easy as possible. We've found that patients who choose their own style and favorite design with Dentagrafix do a better job of wearing their retainers. 

Our goal is to ensure your treatment is a success from start to finish, and we believe Dentagrafix is a great tool to help achieve this goal. It's a quality product that keeps your teeth in place while being comfortable and easy to maintain. 

You'll LOVE The Design Options Dentagrafix® Offers

Dentagrafix offers a variety of fun designs from which you can choose. Cute animals, bright color patterns, and sports images are just a few of the options available. Are you a professional sports fan? We have logos from some of the more popular NBA and MLB teams, as well! 

Dentagrafix retainers show off your personality, but they also protect your smile. When worn as prescribed, these clear retainers will keep your teeth in place comfortably. We think you're going to love Dentagrafix!

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