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We know your time is precious. We also know you want to have the best smile you can. That's why we make it easy to work with us. Our Virtual Consult tool will get you started anytime, anywhere, on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Give it a try!

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Why We Use Virtual Consults

Let's face it — times are pretty crazy right now. Your schedule is probably stacked, so how will you find time to get started with an orthodontist? 

That's why we have the Virtual Consult tool. It's quick, it's convenient, and it's accessible from any computer or mobile device. Just a few minutes with this tool, any time of day or night, can start you on your journey to that smile you've always dreamt of having! 

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Questions About Virtual Consult? We Have Answers!

No, you'll still need to come in for a full examination, including x-rays and 3D dental scans. The Virtual Consult tool is designed to get you started by letting us know what issues you may have and what your goals are for your oral health.

It's simple! We'll ask you a few questions and request a few photos of your teeth. You simply fill out the form, add your photos, and that's it! You're done! The information comes to us, and Dr. Sacks will look at it and get back to you soon. 

Sure! You'll probably want to help them out with the details, but we can get started on their cases just as easily as yours with the Virtual Consult. 

We try to respond to your Virtual Consult within one business day. 

Nope! Our Virtual Consult is FREE! So is your evaluation that follows! You are under no obligation to decide on our treatment or any treatment. The choice is up to you. We just want you to know your options and see why Sacks Orthodontist is the best choice for you and your family. 

Rather do an in-office consult? That's fine! We're happy to help you get started and schedule a free orthodontic consult for you.

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