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Have You Been told you're not a candidate for Invisalign?

Dr. Sacks is the #1 Invisalign provider in NJ and one of the top 11 Invisalign providers in the United States and has successfully treated even complex cases. At Sacks Orthodontics, we understand that orthodontic care is about more than simply creating straight teeth. It’s about creating confident smiles. That’s why we focus on you as a whole person, taking your goals and needs into account. When you finish treatment at Sacks Orthodontics, you’ll love your smile — guaranteed.
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Get a Smile You'll Love

Dr. Sacks - Orthodontist - Sacks Orthodontics - Livingston, NJ

Is Your Livingston Orthodontist Board Certified?

When you decide you're ready to get the smile you've always wanted, it's essential to choose the right orthodontist. Board-certified orthodontists have rigorous, specialized training to deliver the best orthodontic result possible.

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Dr. Sacks - Orthodontist - Sacks Orthodontics - Livingston, NJ

Orthodontics For Adults!

Who says orthodontics is just for kids or teens? Certainly not us! You're never too old to want to flash a gorgeous smile, which is why we encourage treatment for our adult patients as much as our younger ones! 

At Sack Orthodontics, we take your goals, needs, financial constraints, and even emotional readiness into account before we begin treatment. Why? Because we know you’re more than just a set of teeth. You’re a whole person.

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Patients - Sacks Orthodontics - Livingston, NJ
Patients - Sacks Orthodontics - Livingston, NJ

Orthodontics For Kids & Teens!

If you ask most kids if visiting the orthodontist is tops on their "fun" list, they're probably going to say, "no!" We want to change that! 

At Sacks Orthodontics, we treat your children like our own. We listen to their questions and give them straight answers. We ask them about their day and get to know what makes them smile. When they leave the chair, we believe they’ll say going to the Orthodontist was one of the best parts of their day. 

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A Carefully Selected, Experienced Care Team

Meet Our Team
Staff - Sacks Orthodontics - Livingston, NJ
Staff - Sacks Orthodontics - Livingston, NJ
Invisalign in Livingston, NJ - Clear Aligners

Top Invisalign Provider in New Jersey

Dr. Sacks is THE top Invisalign and Invisalign First provider in New Jersey & in the top 11 providers in the country! That means when it comes to treatment with clear aligners, he knows his stuff! Clear aligners are a great option for those who aren't keen on braces. Nearly invisible, removable, and less disruptive to your lifestyle, Invisalign may be the perfect option for you! 

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3M Braces in Livingston, NJ - Metal Braces

Traditional & Clear Braces

Prefer to kick it old school? Braces are the perfect options. Don't expect these to be like your parents' braces, though! Our metal braces are more comfortable and more efficient than the braces of the past. If all that metal doesn't appeal to you, we have another option — clear braces! Either way you go, you'll end up with a gorgeous smile! 

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Lightforce Braces Livingston, NJ

Top LightForce Braces Provider in NJ

How would you like to wear more comfortable braces for less time than traditional braces? That's exactly what you'll do with LightForce Braces! 

The LightForce system is customized to your mouth, with clear brackets 3D printed to provide the most efficient force on just the right spot on each tooth. That means more comfort and more movement in less time than traditional metal braces! 

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