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Improved Care With Modern Technology

At Sacks Orthodontics, we use tried-and-true technology that benefits our patients the most. We don't buy the latest gadgets just to pass the cost off to our customers. Instead, we rely on today's proven technology — along with good, old-fashioned technique — to give you the smile of your dreams.

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Making Your Life Easier With Orthodontic Technology

Our technology uses 3D scanning to make a complete picture of your mouth. Orthodontics doesn't just involve your teeth. We take into account the health of your gums, the shape of your jaw, the depth of your palate, and other factors that will determine how we create your smile. 

We combine these details with proven treatment techniques from our board-certified doctor to create a plan that's best for you. We feel our technology enhances your treatment, but it's the skill of Dr. Sacks and the team you can count on most!

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Our completely FREE, NO-OBLIGATION orthodontic consult can help you find a suitable and cost-effective solution. Best of all, it's incredibly easy!

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iTero Scanner - Sacks Orthodontics - Livingston, NJ

Why We Use iTero Digital Scanners

The iTero scanner replaces the days of goop-filled metal trays that made an impression of your teeth. The iTero Scanner moves easily and provides a detailed, 3D scan of your mouth, including the teeth, gums, and palate. 

The iTero scanner provides details you just can't get from a plaster impression. That fine detail helps us create a treatment plan that moves your teeth quickly, efficiently, and comfortably. We'll have you smiling in no time! 

Orthodontic Technology - Livingston, NJ

Why We Use the Orthophos XG 5

The Orthophos XG 5 provides exceptional digital imaging of your oral x-rays. The machine can produce a variety of angles and images with a lower dose of radiation than other x-ray machines. It is also adjustable so that we can x-ray the mouths of even our youngest patients comfortably.

We use the Orhtophos XG 5 because we want to create the best images in a way that is safe and comfortable for you. At Sacks Orthodontics, we choose technology that benefits you and helps us provide a treatment plan that will create the smile of your dreams in less time! 

Lightforce Braces Livingston, NJ

LightForce Braces

Our 3D scanning technology and 3D printing technology combines with the LightForce software technology to produce LightForce Braces.  

The LightForce system is customized to the patient's mouth, with clear brackets 3D printed to provide the most efficient force on just the right spot on each tooth. That means more comfort and more movement in less time than traditional metal braces! 

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