LightForce Braces: Get a Smile You'll Love - Faster!

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6 Months Faster Than Traditional Braces

LightForce braces are fully customized for YOU. Each individual bracket is custom-made per tooth per patient and then 3D printed for the ultimate precision. Your braces are digitally planned by Dr. Sacks, ensuring your teeth are moved EXACTLY where Dr. Sacks wants them for the best function and cosmetics. That means you can get a smile you'll love at least 6 months faster than with traditional braces.

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LightForce Braces are more efficient, more comfortable, and treat faster than traditional braces. LightForce Braces are also translucent, so they blend better with your teeth. At Sacks Orthodontics, you'll have the perfect smile sooner than you think!
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Lightforce Braces Livingston, NJ
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Step #1: Scan

We use our high-tech, 3D scanner to create detailed images of your teeth. No goopy impression trays here!

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Step #2: Plan

We create a customized treatment plan that will move your teeth to their correct positions faster and more efficiently than traditional braces.

Lightforce Braces Livingston, NJ

Step #3: Print

Each bracket 3D printed to fit a certain tooth. Trays printed with the brackets place them exactly where they need to be for maximum movement.

Patients - Sacks Orthodontics - Livingston, NJ

Step #4: Enjoy

The custom brackets provide a more comfortable experience in less time than traditional braces. You'll see your new smile sooner than you may expect!

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LightForce Braces Questions? We Have Answers!

LightForce Braces are made from a polycrystalline, translucent material that is 3D printed and customized specifically for you. 

Using high-tech, 3D scans of your teeth and jaws, we create a detailed treatment plan, then print out your braces using the LightForce software system. We also print special trays that place your braces exactly where they need to be for optimum movement. The placement trays also reduce the time it takes to put braces on your teeth.

LightForce Braces are more efficient, more comfortable, and faster treatment than traditional braces. LightForce Braces are also translucent, so they blend better with your teeth. 

LightForce brackets are designed to match your teeth and are made to resist staining from coffee, fruits and fruit juices, and other foods and drinks that typically stain other orthodontic products. You'll keep that bright smile throughout your treatment! 

Absolutley not! Get all the customizations that come with LightForce Braces without a single additional fee. Our completely custom braces are the same price as traditional metal braces. 

GREAT NEWS! There are tons of foods that you can still enjoy with LightForce braces throughout your Orthodontic treatment. You won't have to change your diet too much, and remember, it's only temporary! Check out this list of braces-friendly foods!

Lightforce Braces Livingston, NJ

LightForce Braces: Uniquely Created For Your Smile

LightForce Braces are the next step in the advancement of orthodontic treatment! This system is made to make treatment faster, more comfortable, and better for you! 

In addition, the LightForce system is designed to reduce your time in our chair! The advanced installation system reduces the time it takes to put you in braces, in some cases by half! LightForce's efficiency means you have faster treatment times and fewer office visits. With LightForce, you get orthodontic treatment that truly benefits you!

Entirely Custom, Tailor-Made Braces

LightForce doesn't start with the brackets — it starts with the software. We use high-tech 3D scanners to take detailed images of your mouth. The software uses those images to create a detailed treatment plan designed to provide the most efficient treatment in the least amount of time. 

From there, the software designs and prints the custom brackets and installation trays for your braces. The software tweaks your plan throughout your treatment, allowing us to adjust your braces to keep you on a path of exceptional results in minimal time. 

Orthodontic Technology - Livingston, NJ
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