DentaGrafix: A Unique Way To Embrace Your Smile!

by Sacks Orthodontics



Retainers are devices that keep the teeth's alignment in place after completing an orthodontic treatment of either braces or Invisalign. After the completion of treatment, teeth are still susceptible to the room in the gums and tend to try to shift back, which causes the process of braces to be undone. While retainers do not align teeth by themselves, they help prevent teeth from misaligning after orthodontic treatment is typically worn at night. Most retainers are either wired or plastic, but they are one solid boring color.

DentaGrafix has created customizable retainers to add color and creativeness to a daily smile. While their purpose is to keep a client’s smile straight, they also want to ensure patients have a unique experience and enjoy retainer treatment.

What Are DentaGrafix Retainers Like?

Since 1993, plastic retainers have become a popular option amongst ortho clients due to their minimal visibility and strong alignment reinforcement. DentaGrafix retainers take the same concept as plastic retainers but have a thermoformable material that allows the designs to be implemented comfortably and easily onto the retainers.

They are made to hold the exact position of the teeth and prevent patients from grinding their teeth together. While they are easy to remove, they may also be easily lost and broken due to a clear aspect. The good thing about these retainers is if anything does happen to them, they are a lot cheaper to replace than the Hawley retainers.

What Makes DentaGrafix Unique?

DentaGrafix retainers are new and one-of-a-kind retainers. While other basic retainers consist of the ordinary transparent color, DentaGrafix allows patients to have creative freedom with their retainers by choosing from various colors and designs to be placed in the back molar portion device. DentaGrafix is clear in the front and, as said on their website, a party in the back.

While Dentagafix devices make sure the patient’s teeth stay aligned with a comfortable, cool fit, the bold designs make it less likely to misplace the retainers and reduce the possibility of accidentally breaking them. They can also be customized and purchased online on the DentaGrafix website. The starting price of one of these fun retainers commences at $60 and can go up from there, depending on the design. Overall it is up to the patient to determine which retainer design best fits their lifestyle and personality.

Why Is It Important To Use Retainers?

Retainers are not just useful to keep a patient’s smile straight, but they also have many side benefits that many people may not know. According to Colgate, having straighter teeth allows the patient to improve chewing, health, and cleansing habits, reducing the build-up of bacteria and decreasing cavities from forming. Studies have shown that wearing retainers can reduce snoring and other breathing problems at night due to the straightening of the jaw and the teeth.

Studies have shown that customers are more motivated to wear their retainers as they feel the freedom to express themselves. Patients tend to become more responsible as they develop daily care tasks to keep them on track. DentaGrafixs encourages patients to properly wear their fun and unique retainers and have a healthy, happy smile.

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