Halloween Vs. Invisalign: What You Should Know

by Sacks Orthodontics



Halloween is right around the corner, and along with it comes the tempting flavors of desserts, treats, and most importantly, candy! For many, these treats have almost no effect besides raising their blood sugar or giving them a sugar rush, but for those who have braces and Invisalign, eating candy may be something to reconsider.

Can One Eat Candy With Invisalign?

Technically, patients on Invisalign can eat candy with the Invisalign aligners if they feel comfortable enough to do so. To indulge in some tasty treats, they must consider the textures and density of the candies. If a patient eats hard candy, it may break the Invisalign aligner and disrupt the treatment process. However, Invisalign devices are typically replaced every 2 weeks and can be taken out to brush, eat, or when uncomfortable. Orthodontists strongly advise you to try and stay away from foods like hard candies and sugar-filled chocolates. Still, it's human nature to have some sweet tooth, so if the patient is considering having candy this Halloween, they can do so if they ensure to take off the aligners and properly cleanse their teeth afterward.

What Are the Effects of Eating Candy With Invisalign vs Braces?

The effects of eating candy with Invisalign vary from those of eating candy with braces. For instance, Invisalign aligners can be removed manually from the mouth by the patient. They can be cleaned properly and reduce the chance of damage to the device. However, this freedom with Invisalign may follow the consequences of losing the Invisalign aligner or forgetting to put it back on, which may allow teeth to shift.

As for braces, the complications of eating candy or sugary treats are much more frequent. Normal wire braces can not be removed daily like Invisalign, meaning that the sugar and food may be stuck around the teeth and result in tooth decay. In addition, certain textures and densities may cause a brace bracket to break. The patient is most likely to become uncomfortable, and broken brackets could delay treatment if the break disrupts the process. Some orthodontists may also charge a fee to replace the broken bracket. Overall it would be best to be careful this holiday season and take the proper precautions necessary.

How To Properly Cleanse Invisalign?

If a person does decide to have a sweet treat this holiday season, the best way to reduce the effects of the sugar and avoid any damage to their dental process is by properly cleaning their teeth. To have a proper clean, a patient must first brush their own teeth without the aligners and make sure all mouth areas are covered. After rinsing their mouth, they should clean their aligners by brushing them only with water before inserting them back in. This will reduce the possibility of tooth decay and allow the Invisalign to remain in good condition until its next rotation. Post navigation

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